A decent preamp for Altec 604 speakers

I am addicted to high efficiency speakers. I own Altec 620 monitors (6048G). Outstanding but require very good electronic. The mids tend to magnify poor elements ... Some told me to get a tube preamp... I had a few tube amps in the past and got sick of all the care they need. So I rather go with SS. I need transparency and a very smooth medium. I listen to vinyl, mostly acoustic and electric pop. Up to 1k for a used gear. Thanx.
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I have identical Altecs. I tried a few SS (vintage) amps with them and found them all fatiguing and shrill in the topend and settled on tubes (McIntosh MC40's). Now, I can and do listen for hours without fatigue. From my search, I don't know that I have found anyone that uses SS amplification with 604's. Most owners use low wattage SET and seem very pleased.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help. You might want to post your question on the AudioAsylum HiEff forum. Several longterm 604 owners over there who could be helpful. Or the http://alteclansingunofficial.nlenet.net/index.html

Good luck and I love your speakers!!