A decent integrated amp under 2K ...

I'm looking for an INTEGRATED AMP. My speakers are Altec 620A (100 db efficiency) and my listening room is 14 x 21. I mainly listen to digital files from my DAC (Metrum) but sometimes I feel less lazy and put on a vinyl on my Garrard. I don't need a phono stage, I use the one from another integrated amplifier (Spendor D40). Here's my shortlist:

1) Belles Aria Integrated (slightly powerful for my needs)

2) Croft phono integrated (since I don't need a phono stage, I think it's a shame to burn tubes for nothing)

3) Rogue Sphinx V3 (too powerful for my needs)

FURTHER CONSIDERATIONS: I can live with tubes but only in the PREAMP section and I try to avoid Class A due to the heat. I'm open to Class D (proof: the Rogue) but the choice is limited and these devices come with a bunch of stuff I don't need. I rather spend my $ where it will make a difference.


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SA series Arcam.  I'm very happy with my SA20

"Look at ...Quicksilver Integrated." +1

It doesn't get very hot -- I can place my hand on it with no problem. The design uses a good number of tubes, but not the huge ones, and it drives each tube well within its parameters, which means long life for them.

And the sound is great.


Maybe consider one of the Audiolab integrateds — 6000a at 50 watts per channel, 8 ohms, 75 at 4 ohms; if you need more power, the 8300a at 75 watts/ch. They have positive reviews.


BLACK ICE AUDIO - Integrated amplifier F22 with EL34's 

Check with WALLY @ UNDERWOOD HI-FI . You should be able to negotiate a deal for around $1500.00 shipped and delivered.

This is one of Jim Fozgate's new creations. Reports are pretty much spectacular.

It is capable of upgrading to 6550'S, KT88's, KT120's and even KT150's. Can produce as much refined power as you'll need.

Check out the BLACK ICE AUDIO website for more info.