A DAC that can make digital sound analog?

Hi All,

I have a ModWright Oppo 105D. It’s excellent....but it sure don’t sound like vinyl or tape.

What DACs have you heard that really work like magic on digital audio files? 

I am interested in DACs that kill that digital glare/blare, that gives you that sense of ‘blackness’ or ‘darkness’ to the audio soundscape, really letting you hear into the mix...ya know that layering, space and depth that is very evident on tape.

Very curious to hear your thoughts.

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How many of you are familiar with the ModWright Oppo 105D?

Which of these excellent suggestions is going to best the ModWright Oppo?

All in all the Oppo with upgrades runs about $4,000.
I own the Lumin D1 and X1 streamers with DAC. Both produce the ultimate analog sound, especially with tube amps.

Increase the analog texture with an optical network bridge (duplex optic cord - I hate metal digital cables)
With Oppo effectively out of business, will ModWright fix your $4000+ modded Oppo if you have a problem in the future?  Not the way I'd go for that amount of money with so many other excellent DACs out there these days. 
I also had an Oppo BDP105 and I upgraded to the PS Audio DirectStream DAC. I remember not playing a record for weeks after adding the PSA to my system. Very analog like without losing any detail. It is definitely is a superior unit than the Oppo. However, since the PSA uses a field processor gate array (FPGA) and not a traditional DAC chip like SABRE, AKM or Burr Brown, it is software upgradeable. This means each upgrade can change the sonic characteristic of the DAC. The upgrades do not have to be applied but in general each upgrade is an improvement over the next. So when someone likes or does like the sound of a PSA DAC you also have to know which version of the software they were listening to. The most recent version is code named "Snowmass" and the prior was "Redcloud" Here is a thread on the sonic differences that people noticed in their systems. If you like stability and don't want the hassle of dealing with software upgrades like a computer then I would not look at the PSA. If you want the potential of your DAC getting sonic improvements without having to buy new hardware every 2 years then I would look at the PSA. Every upgrade is free and you can run any prior version if you don't like the latest. Good luck!
Another vouch for the PS Audio Directstream. I only have the DSJ but it is the best DAC that I have put in my system to date. Being able to upgrade as mentioned by @ayang90 through software updates is a big plus too. I am curious about the Lumin streamers though. I have heard that they bring some of the best out of digital so I am curious how it would sound like in my system.