A DAC that can make digital sound analog?

Hi All,

I have a ModWright Oppo 105D. It’s excellent....but it sure don’t sound like vinyl or tape.

What DACs have you heard that really work like magic on digital audio files? 

I am interested in DACs that kill that digital glare/blare, that gives you that sense of ‘blackness’ or ‘darkness’ to the audio soundscape, really letting you hear into the mix...ya know that layering, space and depth that is very evident on tape.

Very curious to hear your thoughts.

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Not sure I understand this.  You are looking for a transistor set-up that sounds like a non-transistor (tube?) set-up.

Wouldn't that entail having the transistor (DAC) programmed to change the sound of the music so it sounds like something else rather than what it sounds like before introducing (programming-in) these "changes?"

I thought the objective was to reproduce the music as accurately as possible without "changing" it to sound like something it is not.

Sorry to be so confused, but if you like the music played accurately, why buy something that, by definition, introduces electronic modifications to the sound you are hearing?  Seems a bit schizophrenic to me.  Why not just use equipment that reproduces the sound accurately throughout the chain?

Thank you for the clarification.  I think what you are looking for, in my words to see if if understand, is something that will play digitally-recorded music, which you like better than analog (? I think), in a way that mimics analog but keeps the digital "quality?"

I think I am still confused. However, it is YOUR system and your listening experience, so have at it.  I am sure you will find what you are looking for given the lists of DAC products given here.

Good luck and happy listening!