A DAC that can make digital sound analog?

Hi All,

I have a ModWright Oppo 105D. It’s excellent....but it sure don’t sound like vinyl or tape.

What DACs have you heard that really work like magic on digital audio files? 

I am interested in DACs that kill that digital glare/blare, that gives you that sense of ‘blackness’ or ‘darkness’ to the audio soundscape, really letting you hear into the mix...ya know that layering, space and depth that is very evident on tape.

Very curious to hear your thoughts.

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I have heard many good sounding CDs so I don't think the problems with digital sound are inherent in the medium; it is mostly the case of how recordings are mastered.  A lot of digital recordings are mastered to sound hard-edged and bright.  

There are some CD players that sound less brittle, tizzy, and hard edged (i.e., not as sibilant), and whether or not they are altering the sound and are therefore not as "accurate," I personally don't care.  I think all of the Audio Note DACs fall in the "more analogue" sounding camp.  The emphasis in their lineup is on the analogue amplification/buffering side, and not on the actual digital conversion.  As you got up the line, the improvements are made on that analogue side, not the digital side (which is simple and barebones).

The older, recently discontinued Naim CDP555 player, also sounded more like analogue (warmer tonal balance) than most digital gear; the problem here is that this is  VERY expensive player.  I know this because I own this name player and I own their 555 server; the CD player is more warm sounding.