A DAC for my H/K HD 7600ll

I'm wondering how much I'd have to spend to upgrade my H/K HD 7600 MK 11 with a DAC. When this player was made in '88-92, it was considered as good as any player on the market, and I couldn't afford it then. I bought this one like new in the box on Audiogon recently, and it ran circles around my Simaudio Moon Equinox, which I then sold. I also ran into somebody--don't know who he was--who was lamenting his loss of such player because parts were no longer available. I guess his message was that he had found another player that he liked as well which had tubes in the analogue section. I think the page was dated 2005. I give you this history because the player is so old that I'm not sure anyone knows it anymore. Lynne
You might try Audio Magus.They sell the City Pulse 7.2X DAC with TXCO clock upgrade.The units sell for $369.I heard one at a friends' and was impressed enough to take one for a spin.It easily bested some others that ran into the $8-900 range.Hope this helps.
Thanks. Sure does. I like the price. Lynne