A DAC for Linn Genki cdp upgrade?

Is the DAC upgrade a good solution for better detail? I know one either likes it analytical or warm sound, well I kind of like both, the rest of my system are Plinius MK2 intergrated amp, with the Elac floorstander speakers. My other cdp was vincent S2, the sound quality isn't bad, the details are amazing, but on classical music, Linn is much much better. So i'm wondering if I use the Linn Genki as transport, is there any DAC that goes well with the Linn sound, in my case more detailed sound. Thanks in advance.
Well, if you like the Linn sound and want to stay in Linn, I really liked the Ikemi, thought it a nice increase in resolution from the lower models in Linn line. If you want go go outside the Linn line, so many choices...
Thanks for the response, I was thinking more on the DAC solution. I know one is either happy with the Linn cdp or upgrade to a higher one, in this case Ikemi. I'm interested in finding out anyone who owns a rather old Linn cdp and has improved it with a DAC, I know of Numerik DAC but it was an older version DA compared to Genki right? I mean would DAC like Cambridge Magic or Benchmark DAC1 improve anything.
I previously owned a Mimik, I used this with a variety of DACs, including the Numerik. The Numerik was not enough of an upgrade over the Mimik, I doubt its an upgrade over the Genki.

The Benchmark DAC is reportedly a nice DAC, I've only heard it in unfamiliar systems, sounded pretty nice. I think it has higher resolution than the Genki, using it with the Genki as transport should be a nice upgrade.

You should also be aware that digital cables are important, I've tried many, they do make a difference.

One thing to be aware of, most SS DACs may be a touch more analytical than you want. Linn digital is very musical, more akin to tubed DACs than SS. I've owned both the Audio Aero Prima DAC and Audio Logic MX24, both tubed units and closer to the Linn sound than my modded Perp Tech SS unit.
I just added a DacMagic to my Genki, and have been impressed so far, better definition and control in the bass, improvements in the sound stage, and a crisper top-end.