a/d/s ph6 Multi chanel home amp

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has heard of, uses this amplifier in their system, or has any info on it, currently someone is selling one on audiogon, and I'v seen a few elsewhere for reasonable prices, assuming it ever sold at the retail price of $2200, but no one on the internet has any information on it or specs, so I was wondering if anyone here could help, thanks.
A/D/S/ stuff is excellent. Same maker as Meitner (Ed Meitner). The company was sold a few years ago and is now just a name, but I think the amp you are looking at is the genuine goods.
I have a manual for them..

call/email DEI they now own A/d/s i beleive.. they faxed me a complete like 30 page manual within like 2 hours of emailing them..

great service..

nice amp also