A/D/S L1290s and PA1

I've had my L1290s for a long time and finally came across a pair of PA1s (with the OM).  In the OM it seems there are 2 options when connecting a pre-out to the PA1s (this will use both the crossover and bi-amping functions).  You can connect the pre-out L/R to each PA1 and be done OR do something they call 'Chaining' where you connect both pre-outs to one PA1 and then connect to the other PA1. 

My experience tells me I should go with the former.  Does anyone know what this 'Chaining' is all about?  I can PDF pages from the OM if there is interest.

I've tried it both ways, and makes no difference in the sound. I have both 1290/2's and 1590/2's, and have used the PA-1's on both. To me, the sound from those amps is too lean in the midrange, and I sold them. A better way to biamp is with the ADS C2000 x-over and two identical stereo amps, but that can get expensive. Also, the C-2000 must be modified internally, which is quite easy to do, to make it work with those speakers, as it was originally designed to work with the L1230, L1530, L2030. All biamping ever did for me was to increase bass output, which can also be accomplished by adding a subwoofer. I currently use the above mentioned speakers with a McIntosh MC7200 amp + a Velodyne F1500R sub, running the speakers full range and adding in the sub output  as needed. This has worked out great for me.

To answer your ? simply, I didn't find any difference in how you connect it. The distance from your preamp to speakers, and distance between speakers may dictate which method you prefer. Happy listening, the 1290 is a superb speaker, even by today's standards!!! 

sid42 - thanks for your comments & experiences.  I probably won't go the 'Chaining' route.  My initial listening has me satisfied with the PA1 - although interestingly I found the mids too strong - so I boosted the bass a notch on the PA1s.

I'll go ahead and share some other comments about my 1290 listening.  I have the original 1290s & the 1290/2s - so far, I cannot tell much difference.  I will say that both 1290s totally rise to the occasion when fed a higher quality source - much more so than other vintage speakers that I have.  

Next up I will try bi-amping.  I have 2 Pioneer Spec-2s and a Pioneer SF-850 crossover.  It will be interesting to see how that plays out.