a crazy free audiophile tweak

i discovered this because I have a block middle ear tube in my right ear.

but, if you place your open palms just behind each of your ears, listening like this vs normally there is a huge significant sound quality improvement

not sure how practical this will be, but maybe someone can invent a pair of add on ear extenders---

funny as it sounds, try it!
Funny you mentioned this as I've fooled around with this as well. However, I've found that the sound is only better (with your hands cupped behind your ears) if your room is not properly treated or your system isn't set up optimally.

For me it makes the soundstage and imaging collapse.
Yea, this idea has been around for decades, and this is exactly what you are looking for,


but you would probably want the top of the line model here,


Sorry, I just don't know any dealers.
Nonoise, I believe you are correct that the first one is for near field listening, and the second one is just for field listening.
If you put the WA-Quantum chips behind each ear this works equally - if not better - than the Ear Horns. Or, you can place them ON the Earn Horns for the ultimate in a Hi-Fidelity.
Of course cupping hands improves the gain, like a satellite dish diameter, but it also interferes with or changes some other things like frequency response and soundstage/ambiance. The biggest effect is when the system dynamic range is kind of compressed or when playing at low volumes. My first product was going to be Ortho Ears but it never made it out of R&D. :-)
I've been looking for the antique ear funnel horns. But try finding those in a matched set!
It might be easier to just move your speakers so one is facing each ear. You know, like your head is the meat of a sandwich.
TLS49, ROFL...That's just waaay too funny.
Hope my wife doesn't see those, as she'll probably try to get them for my birthday. Last year it was this neatly wrapped present of river rocks after she saw the Machina Dynamica pebbles ads and laughed her head off. My audiophilia gets NO respect here.
Actually, I have tried it and I generally don't like it as it makes the sound a little too closed in and bright for me, but my speakers are very wide disperion and I prefer that open sound. As my system is changing and I'll be doing more nearfield listening that may change.

Onhwy 61 is right, Sam Telling did tout (actually, I think he was having some fun with us) a product like this and there was a picture of him wearing them, I believe they were called Serious Listeners, and they were ear-like extensions you put on your ears to make them bigger. Very funny looking things.
If you have a stiff dinner matt, and a high back listening chair,place the matt behind your head positioned so it comes above your ears ,sit back and be amazed ....no sh-- !
@Tls49, you know. When i read the topic, the first image in
your post came to mind. Funny
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