A Couple Tube Questions

A friend of mine wants to know if the same vintage and manufacturing plant is important with matching.
Are the wire, mica and plate material really important, can differences be heard with matching ?
Let your ears be your guide. If you notice a difference, that is what matters. Sometimes, some of the "vintage" tubes are counterfeit (just look at many e-bay offerings). This is why so many of us roll tubes. If we hear the differences this is what matters. Don't let any "expert" or snob fool you otherwise. I have Electro Harmonix EL-34 in Marantz Model 9 monos, and they sure sould loud. For more subtle listening, Mullards work better. This is the fun and pain of the tube experience. But it beats the pants off of solid state, when well designed, and you can't roll circuits easily!
Tell your friend not to have such paranoid thoughts! Tubeperson is right, let your ears do the matching.
Thanks guys.
You know how sick and thought provoking this hobby can get some people.
I gonna call my friend and tell him he's full of Cracker Jacks and chill the hell out, big time !!