a couple subwoofer questions

Hi all. I was wondering if raising the sub off the floor would improve sub. performance. Also, has anyone upgraded the fuse on there sub. with good results, thanks
I use these on my subs. They work incredibly well.
The Sub-Dude works by isolating the sub from floor and, depending on your room construction, can be a help.

However, it does not raise it significantly with respect to room dimensions and relevant wavelengths. One approach to that is http://www.acousticsciences.com/products/subtrap

No comment on fuses.
Thanks for the suggestion on the sub dude, looks interesting
I use an ASC sub-trap with outstanding results. Highly recommended...
I replaced the fuse on my REL R-528 with a high end fuse, with no audible change that I could Identify. Changing the power cord however yielded very audible improvements. Also placing 4 VPI "Bricks" on the top with some blue tac and other dampning material between improved the sound.
thanks everyone, I am going to research the asc traps
Hello Xiekitchen, which power cable did you get for the sub? I saw a pangea ac9 which looks pretty nice for powered subs