A Copernican View of the Turntable System

Once again this site rejects my long posting so I need to post it via this link to my 'Systems' page
If the discussion presents dissent as well as assent, yes. Assent only, not so useful.
Agree entirely Jonathan. Keep it coming :^)
Oh Jonathan,
I forgot......I took your advice and found an FR-5 MM cartridge and about 6 months later with Nandric's help, I found a 5e stylus and.....after supergluing the top-piece of the cartridge to the bottom ( there was significant swivelling there:^()......it sounds wonderful fixed to a Yamamoto HS-1AS headshell riding on an SAEC-308N tonearm parked beside the TT-81.
I believe it IS better than the FR-6SE as you said.
Thanks for the tip:^)
I agree Henry. The FR-5 IS better than the FR-6 and sounds quite decent. I haven't tried it in that particular headshell but I imagine it would sound better than I have heard it yet. And because it is not 'audiophile-approved' in the other thread, it can be gotten 'cheaply'... :^)
Hi Halcro,

I suspect that the statement "I like..." would be subjective ("Je pense, donc je suis") but when one says "I like because..." one enters into dialogue and proofs (objective) are often sought in order to challenge or support that preference. The difficulty concerning our topic seems to be to agree or locate those 'objective' (generally meaning, demonstrable within the - disputed - laws of science) proofs to satisfy all.

As always...
Dear Halcro, I have something with the tonearms. Lucky me
in the time of Freud there were no such 'objects of disire'
so I will never know what's wrong with me. But I am a peculiar tonearm collector. I like to see, inspect and admire them for a while.Alas because of restricted means I need to sell some in order to buy some other. This the only
way for me to 'inspect' as many as possible.

Kind regards,