A complete overhaul: B&W, AMP sunfire, nad, denon

I am in the process of an overhaul, and I might have started in the wrong end (started with speakers), but now I am here:

- Speakers: B&W 803D,B&W HTM3,B&W CDM(surround)
- HT Reciever Denon 4306
- AMPs:
(NAD S200 and S100 for my front, preout denon to s100 to s200)
(NAD 216 mono for HTM3)
(use the denon for my Surrounds)
- Denon 3910 DVD

---- what i would like ---
- Goals: Better HT AND better 2-channel sound for hifi.
- Less mess and not having to change on the S100 for listening to good 2 channel, but rather everything collected. (FYI) I have no problem with more units if it gets me better sound.
- I need in my HT part (reciever or HT preamp:
hdmi 1.3 in and out (at least 1 out and 3 in)
new formats of HD-DD, DTS-HD etc
1080p scaling out to HDMI
- being able to drive my 803D and other speakers very well

---- My ideas --
I am thinking of buying a good HT pre-amp which I can use for both HT and 2ch.
**Candidate: denon AVP-A1HD (preamp only)
(see http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=849455)
It has everything i need in HT, but as a 2ch preamp I am not capable of comparing it to a good 2ch preamp or other HT alternative that I can use for 2ch too. My hypothesis is that it is only a pre-amp ht (no amp with current messing things up for sound etc) and it has balanced out.

For an AMP I am thinking about a Sunfire TGA-7400, 7ch 400W, 8ohm. I use 5.1, but thought I could biamp my front with the two extra channels.
I have also looked at e.g. the Cinenova Grande 7-Channel (earthquake) but to tell you the truth in this price bracket I have no clue.

An alternative total is a Classe setup w. pre-amp and their 5200 amp, but its a lot more expensive AND the pre-amp from classe isnt even close in features. The amp itself is very expensive in comparison to e.g. the sunfire.

If you want to gauge my budget say about 12000USD.

Now I know many people post questions, but I really need help and would greatly appreciate help.

Thank you.

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For HT, let your receiver power the center/surrounds and pass the L/R HT signal through a nice two channel preamp and dedicated two channel amp for your 803Ds.

For two channel, run direct from your 3910 (2 channel outs)to your nice preamp! ...voila.