A comparison of Blu Ray vs Hd for picture quality

Does Eveyone know blu ray player will be better most cd player(audio)?
I've been saying this to anyone who will listen, if the new formats do not improve on the flaws of broadcast HD (namely compression artifacts) then I will not buy them.

If its true BR is flawless in the PQ area and HD-DVD suffers from the same problems, then for me the choice is easy.
That's a well written article and makes a lot of sense.

I particularly agree with the idea of not worrying about replacing DVD players. Even for those of us with a large movie library, it's only a matter of time until HD versions of our favorite's show up on sale a Target or BlockBuster Video.

I sincerely hope Blu Ray will help the CD format. I've been waiting for Red Book to be evolved to the next state of evolution without resorting to 20K-30K players.

Perhaps there's hope for a true HD music format, without the flaws of Red Book and SACD. Boy would that be nice, I might even start up a digital library again if that happens.
Let's face it though, while we'd like BR to win this, Sony doesn't exactly have karma on its side. You can see where this is going already. Toshiba releases mediocre HD-DVD and ill informed consumers adopt it, clueless as usual and always dragging down A/V for the rest of us.

Or maybe they both remain strong enough that the universal player makes the argument moot.
I just hope that the best format wins and that it gets the support it needs to be a long term survivor. I was thinking about this the other day when I was looking for something in the storage room of my basement and came across the pile of past formats (Sony Beta, Mitsu VHS, Sony LD player) stacked in the corner in their original boxes.