a co-worker got the audio "bug" Music Hall

A co-worker of mine that really enjoys listening to his vinyl finally took the plunge into audio upgrades.

His old setup was a Onkyo TX-8255 50 wpc stereo receiver and I think a matching Onkyo multi-disk CD player. I don't honestly know what his turntable setup is. His speakers are Wharfedale Diamond 9.x bookshelf speakers.

He swore that he wouldn't upgrade, but after a few years of discussion audio related topics with me he purchased a Music Hall A.15 integrated amplifier and a matching CD.15.2.

His initial response has been very positive, but since his setup isn't at all optimized (i.e. speakers high on a bookshelf) and he doesn't often just sit down to listen. I wasn't sure how much he'd really notice with the change. He is now considering lowering the speakers.

He has noticed a loss of bass with some music which I suspect is a result of no longer having the AVR processing that tends to boost (i.e. bloat) bass. I don't know if the Onkyo has any type of direct listening mode.

He did a comparison of a CD vs. vinyl and said that they are nearly identical now. Before the vinyl was significantly better. I'll be intersted to see if he starts listening to more CDs in the future.

What are your experiences with this Music Hall equipment? I'm thinking that he made an excellent choice that will make sure the equipment exceeds needs/wants without breaking the bank.
Music Hall is good, reasonably priced stuff. A visit to a Music Hall room at a trade show is always a pleasant experience. Music Hall is part of an excellent family of equipment manufacturers ... EPOS, Creek, Shanling. Roy Hall is a hoot, as well. If your friend stopped right here and did not upgrade the electronics any further, he would have equipment to enjoy his music for a long time. His Music Hall equipment would also pair up well with better speakers, if he were so inclined.

The Onkyo 8255 is an ok 2 channel receiver, nothing great ... just ok. It is not in the MH's class. He was probably using the tone controls pretty hard. There is no direct function to my knowledge.

I live with speakers on bookshelves. It's certainly not ideal. Then again, if there are kids or pets under foot, bookshelves may be one of the few workable solutions.

I owned the CD 25 for a number of years and felt that it performed very well.