Over the years I’ve tried most of the record cleaning products out there, including the expensive stuff. Here’s what I’ve been using for many years now. It is totally biodegradable and will do no damage to your valuable LPs, and will get them sparkling clean.


Use one capful to a gallon of distilled bottled water. Use no more than the suggested capful. More is not better in this case. This will cost only pennies per gallon. 


PS: I would have put this post in the Analog forum, but this forum gets a lot more action.
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UC for me.  No touch.
Been wondering if BasicH would be good in my SpinClean, it lowers the surface tension of water (making water wetter) ... I've been using it for decades to clean outside house windows, doesn't hurt the gardens underneath and also to wash my car so I've seen it doesn't seem to leave any film on windows or the car finish so should be good for LP's.

Wouldn't use in Ultrasonic units as it will foam robustly with agitation.
How is Basic H different than something like Simple Green? I'm all in favor of saving $$$ but curious about this