A Charlin Cables - France - USB & CAT Cables !

Hello All ! 
I am into computer audio;
I use a 2 computer J Play set up.
For this I need a CAT Cable between the 2 Computers & an USB Cable 
to connect between the 'hibernate' PC & the Meitner DAC.
I decided to use Cables from France - A Charlin - Mr. Robert Olivier.
This was in 2014 - June.
The Cables Came.
Good Product.
Worked well for 6 months & then the CAT Cable 'lost its connection'
I wrote to the cable maker & shipped the Cable back to France.
This was in June 2015.
We are in Feb 2016.
My cable is not back with me & the Cable maker is not responding to my mails.
Any person that has to deal with Mr. Olivier Robert - be CAREFUL.
Not a clean person to deal with.
I have been cheated of 450/- Euro.
Just a note to keep fellow audiogonner careful.
Thanks for looking.
Yours Truly,
Mazher B. JAFFAR
Schwinn Audio - Mumbai - India

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Got a reply;
It is as under :-


Laurent MANO told me you ask him about your CAT 7 cable. He return me a little note about it. It looks like you sent me few e-mails but because I cannot talk all day long about the same thing I have to block your address. So I will repeat once again what we talked about it earlier. Your cable is broken. He will takes me about 6 hours to fixe it. Plus the time to go to the post office and the cost of the sending will be a lot more than the price you offer me when you buy it. For this reason I have no way to help you. I wanted you send you back your cable but you wrote me that you were not interesting having it back with no repair.

So what is next? If you want a CAT7 cable in order you have to pay for it. As I told you before I am a little company working with a lot a customers. CHARLIN prices are very cheap compare to other brands. My time is fully concentrate to help every one with their own system. But I cannot give gear. I am sorry. I hope you understand.

Best regards



Basically I have been 'cheated'
My CAT Cable does not work.
I sent it back for 'repair & return to France & the manufacturer is not repairing the cable nor is he replacing it.
Sad state of affairs.
Please be ware of dealing with such persons.
Only because I sit in India I cannot do much about this.




Small Company in Paris & Can Afford to go to MOC & take part in Munich Hi Fi Show; Interesting.

It is very simple.
I paid Euro 450 to you by Bank Wire & I got a Cable from you - CAT 7.
That cable did not work.
So I sent it back to you for 'repair & return'
Most Cable manufacturers give the original purchaser of a Cable 'life time' Warranty.
I did not even get 1 year.
If I was not cheated, then what do you call this ?
I paid for a Cable & it is with you since 2015 June & I have nothing for my 450 Euro that was paid to you.

Olivier Robert your intention are not clean, just because I stay in India I cannot take this matter up with the Euro Trade Commission - else I would not let this be - you are a cheat & people need to careful while dealing with you.

Mazher Bashir JAFFAR 

Schwinn Audio - Mumbai INDIA.

The Insert picture is yours at MOC Audio Show - 2016