A Chance to do Some Good

Many of you are aware of HUNGERSITE.COM. It is a legitimate organization sponsored by many well-known and reputable companies; and was initially recommended by NEWSWEEK magazine among other sources. If you visit the site daily as I try to do, they will send food to needy countries around the world. There is absolutely no cost to you; nor will you receive any Spam, etc. BUT FROM NOW UNTIL SEPTEMBER 30th, THE SPONSORS OF HUNGERSITE.COM WILL BE DONATING A SPECIFIED AMOUNT OF MONEY FOR EACH AND EVERY VISITOR TO THE SITE TO A SPECIAL FUND FOR VICTIMS OF THE SEPTEMBER 11TH TERRORIST ATTACK. You may only donate once each day. If it is in your heart, I urge you to go there daily. It is the very least we as members of the audiophile community can do. It will cost you nothing; help those in need of all the support we as citizens of America can provide; and will take only a few seconds of your time. GOD BLESS AMERICA!
Hifi, thanks for posting and the call for support. The internet is global, and yr message reaches Europe as well...

Indeed, you are not alone!