A challenge to the "measurement" camp

I’ve watched some of his video and I actually agree on some of what he said,
but he seems too confident on his insistence on measurement. For those
who expound on the merits of blind test and measurement, why not turn
the table upside down?

Why not do a blind test of measurement? That is I will supply all the measurement
you want, can you tell me which is a better product?

For example, if I have a set of cable, and a set of measurement for each
individual cable, can you tell me which is the best cable based on measurement
alone? I will supply all the measurement you want.
After all, that is what you’re after right? Objective result and not subjective
listening test.

Fast forward to 8:15 mark where he keeps ranting about listening test
without measurement.  

By the way, is he getting paid by Belden?  Because he keeps talking about it
and how well it measures.  I've had some BlueJean cables and they can easily
bettered by some decent cables.  
Atadavid, do this simple experiment.

Why don’t you do build a transformer and try to capture energy from the AC power line in your backyard. You will get arrested because you will cause fluctuation in power on the main line. What you do in the secondary line will affect the main line. They will find out you are stealing the power.

There is no isolation. You just copy and paste from somewhere without understanding.

May want to clue in at some point that one of us knows what they are doing
Did you get called out for not knowing the meaning of "rectification"?  But it seems like you do now finally.

Given they have 3% or more losses locally or more, I could likely tap into the power lines, but given the lines here are buried, they generally frown upon digging without a permit.

You parroting of power transfer without realizing all the functions of isolation that a transformer provides, not to isolation of the high frequencies from intentional power line filtering, leakage inductance, and frequency dependent hysteresis of the core, etc.

What's totally weird is your incessant need to justify the bad engineering of the PS Audio product and/or their exaggeration w.r.t. to the cable.

As someone pointed out on another thread, and it makes a good an obvious point, lab power supplies, of which we have several Agilent models, can maintain output voltages perturbations in the millivolt range on somewhat noisy AC lines without any issue, and it uses a standard power cord... yet an expensive AC regenerator needs an expensive power cord to work.

Hey pandy, since you reneged on your so called "challenge", why don't you explain to everyone here, the blocks in an AC regenerator, and better yet, why don't you tell us what power supply topology is used for each section of the AC regenerator.
 not to isolation of the high frequencies from intentional power line filtering, leakage inductance, and frequency dependent hysteresis of the core, etc.

It's called filtering, not isolation.  Please be precise.  Again you're using layman term.  There is a big difference between isolation and filtering.

The transformer may filter out some high frequency component, but DEFINITELY not isolating. 

There are a lot of power supply you don't know and you're just speaking out of your a$$. 
Okay, pandy ... tell me what isolation is ... I can wait.
In your own words, not a cut and paste, what is isolation in the framework of a power supply.

p.s. I know you are not an engineer, so I am getting out my popcorn, this should be good.  Remember, purely your own words.