A Challenge: CD with volume, passive or preamp

Lets settle this ongoing debate about the benefits or disadvantages of a preamplifier when utilizing a cd player with a volume out or a passive device. I have utilized many passive devices, including Placette, EVS, First Sound etc.etc., and many cd players with built in volume controls I have much experience in their proper set up as does my employee Jack who is actually using a EVS at the moment:) While I do agree there are some advantages against low to mid priced pre amps the comparison is not nearly as simple when compared against some of the better pre amps. Rather than get into a huge debate I offer the following. We invite anyone with either a cd player with volume control or passive unit to bring it over to our store located in the SF. Bay Area of California. (Martinez) near Walnut Creek. Upon you making an appointment I will invite other audiophiles including some respected reviewers over for some wine and fun. We will do this in the spirit of having a good time and maybe all of us walking away with a new perspective. Anyone choosing to report those results on the Gon would be welcomed to share with others our experience. I have numerous amps that work well with passive including a Gamut which input sensitivity can be optimized for passive. In addition I have some Audionote amps with an input sensitivity of approx. .5 volt to drive to clipping and 100k impedance. Cabling is all Valhalla. The Gamut amp prefers balanced so if we use that amp you would want a balanced out on your cd player. The Audionote is single ended. The preamp we will compare it against is the transformer coupled Audionote in it's stock form. Please call to make an appointment 925-229-2484. You can also e-mail us at sales@jcaudio.com. Remember this is to have fun and not criticize each others tastes or evaluations! This does not have to be a one day only event so if your schedule is not flexible for the large group we can arrange a private comparison.
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Sounds like both a fun and learning experience for all involved. Just make sure that the wine doesn't flow TOO freely or you might find the volume slowly climbing and people shaking their "booty" : ) Sean
can't make it, as I live up here in Canada- but can give some feedback on this issue. I have the Audio Aero Capitole CDP, and noticed improved clarity upon adding a very good custom-built passive pre in the chain- I now believe the Cap's analog volume control to be not of the highest calibre, as the rest of the unit is...
Did anyone take you up on your challenge. If so, please share the results ... at least what wine did you enjoy ?