A CD recorder for archiving LP's?

Can anyone recommend a good CD player/recorder. I have thousands of LP's and I would like to transfer some of them to CD so I could listen to them in the car. My analog rig is a VPI with the Aries 2 platter and an SME arm/Clearaudio cartridge. Thanks
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The Pioneer Elite PDR-19 or successors have a good A-D convertor. I don't know of any that automatically write in a seperate track ID for each track on the LP. This is the only drawback I have found in this unit.
When one of my cassette decks died a month or so ago, I decided to transfer my remaining cassettes to cd. I bought a new RCA cd burner on closeout from EBAY for $115, inc shipping. I figured at this price I had nothing to lose. So far it seems to work fine as a recorder. I am hard pressed to tell the cd's from the originals and it seems easy to use. I don't think it is a good cd player. However, it isn't half bad as a transport, if you have a decent outboard dac you can use.
I would look at a Pro unit from Fostex or Tascam. These units have no copy protection and can use the cheaper blank CDR. I have had a Fostex unit for 2 years and it has worked without a flaw. They are a little more expensive but can usually be found on the used market for a good price.
forget all the others look at ebay every day and if your lucky you could bit on a hhb 800 profecional cd recorder, dont buy the 850 or the 830 only the 800 the recordings from lps will bring tears to your eyes, i found one for 550 thats about a quater of what it use to cost, by the way use apogee cd blanks good luck
I'm using the Alesis Amsterlink 9600 CD burner. It's a pro unit and can be found online for less and $1K. Won't find at an audio store. You need to goo to a musical instrument shop. This deck includes a hard drive and a CD burner. I record my LPs into the hard drive at 24 bits/96khz. Then I create red book CDs from the new high resolution master. Excellent quality and better than an original CD version of the same material. This approach was highly recommended by TAS.

Archiving LPs on CD is folly. (sorry, it is!!)
The LP will be playable 50 more years from now, as good as today. Your CD will be useless: folks are having trouble getting burned CDs to last a few years... let alone a lifetime (this RANT does not include manufactured CDs where the pits are molded into the plastic, just the CD burner variety)
Ahhh ignore my comments about Archiving LPs... Returning from the 'other planet' I was temporarily on, I see you are just asking about Cds for using in your car... Duh I am a moron...
I actually agree with one of Elizabeth's comments. CD-Rs can become unplayable after a few years. Also transferring 1000s of records is a very time consuming process. You'll have to record, edit (add stop/start index points), burn and then produce labels indicating the names of the albums/songs. Count on it taking nearly 2x the running time of the record. I would be wary to commit the amount of time needed to complete such a project if the final storage medium wasn't permanent. The Alesis Masterlink is an excellent machine for what you want to do, but I would strongly suggest that you burn a full resolution back up disc and transfer them to a computer hard drive. That way you'll have two copies 24/96 plus the 16/44 disc for normal CD playback. You can't be too rich, too thin or have enough back up copies.