A CD platyer that is s sonic match to an LP12?

I am looking for a CD player that would have a similar degree of pace, rhythm, dynamics to my Linn LP12. The LP12 has an Ekos arm, Arkiv B pickup, circus, trampolin, Lingo, etc. I used to have a 508.24, which was great but it did not quite have the low end bloom I get out of LP. An old CAL I used to have did have the enveloping low end, but in every other way, the 508.24 was superior What's the closest I can get in the CD universe? Anyone out there with a similar analog set up using any one of the following: Bryston BCD-1; Ayre CX7e; Cambridge 840; Rega? Naim ?; Meridian G08? All suggestions greatly appreciated! Associated equip is a Pass Aleph Ono phono pre; Rogue Tempest II Magnum int amp; Revel F30's, and Mag Dyn MD100 tuner. I am looking for something dynamic, transparent, and not the price of a decent used car
I have the level 1 modded Jolida that sounds really nice, but not as good as the LP 12. The LP12 has a Basik arm, Grado Ref. Sonata MM cartridge, and Origin Live DC motor. The Jolida was an excellent buy at around 500 dollars used. I'm very pleased with it.
I purchased a BCD-1 to replace a Cyrus CD player; this in addition to having an LP12. The Bryston has the prat, musicality, detail down in spades, but it is more neutral than any LP12 I've ever heard (some call it cold, but I take it as neutral . . some say 'tomato' . . . . ). Since having the Bryston, it's made me re-evaluate just what I'd appreciated in the LP12 over some 30 years. Of late, I've made the move to VPI for my analog source.

My two bits, if you are looking for that LP12 sound, something slightly warmer than the Bryston may be in order. In my listening, Cyrus and Linn CD players came closest while retaining the dynamics and other attributes you seek.
Get a Denon from Dave @The Upgrade Company, its fits your budget and they are very good cdp's for the $$!