A cartridge that mates well with the Sutherland Loco phono preamp?

I’ve tried a Benz Glider…it was impressive but the bass was out-of-control . I am currently using an Ortofon Quintet Bronze. It’s better on the bottom end, but I am curious what others are finding out what  cartridge works well for them. The Locos are unique in that they like cartridges that require very little loading. 


FYI here is a review of the Little Loco MK II (the MK II probably being the subject of this thread) from stereophile Jan 2022. He says "But now, with the Ultra Eminent Ex driving Sutherland Engineering's Little Loco, I never want to change cartridges or phono preamplification again. These two phono products seem made for each other."

I think I'm gonna try one of the MSL cartridges with my LL MK II


Sutherland Engineering Little Loco phono preamplifier Herb Reichert January 2022 | Stereophile.com