A cartridge for the graham 2.2 under $1000

I am realizing there is so much more to learn about vinyl playback.
I had some magic before with my blackbird but as you know it broke.
I still have interesting moments with my analog rig, but it is not consistent.
Which cartridge can I get for the graham 2.2 with a heavily damped turntable?
And with these phono stages:EAR 834P, JLTI, K and K .
The K and K is on its way.
I would like to go for the lyra helikon but it's out of my price range for now.
Try the ZYX R100 call Mehran at Sorasound a great cart for the money
ZYX all the way.
Pedrillo,I believe M.Fremer absolutely loved a particular Soundsmith design,that he just reviewed(this month's Stereophile.If I remember correctly,it was about 750 bucks.
Good luck.
Save a bit more and afford a Lyra Argo i.

Excellent cartridge with a line contact stylus.
As another recommendation, the Lyra Dorian has a microridge stylus which is quite similar to the particular line-contact design used on the Argo, and it should be around 750 bux in the US.

Voltage output is 0.6mV, which should make more phono stages happier (and thereby increase the range of phono stages that you can choose from).

The sonic personality of the Helikon is also closer to the Dorian than it is to the Argo.

regards & hth, jonathan carr