A Call for all ALEPH owners

I would like to know what is the difference between the following monoblock models: 1.2 0 and the 2 What is the date of manufacture of all three and the cosmetic and spec design of them all. Which is the best model to run a 4 piece speaker system with sensitivity 87 db and Is a power tube amp like the SONIC FRONTIERS POWER 2 and 3 a match to the Alephs? PAUL
I believe the 1.2s are 250w monos (14k new) the 0s are 40w monos and the 2s are 100w monos. I don't know how the SF gear matches. You could probably get away with the 2s to run 87db speakers, but not the 0s if you like it loud at all. I tried the Aleph 3 (30watts) with 87db speakers and there just wasn't enough power, however it worked well with 89db speakers. I am using the Aleph 2s with 91db speakers and I get plenty of power.
I use Aleph 2s to drive 88 dB/4.5ohm three-ways, and have much more perceived power than 80w/4ohm solid-state. The 2s use the same case structure as the stereo 60w/ch Aleph 5 (12x12x11in, which, interestingly will fit perfectly into a standard plastic milk crate, which I then conveniently hang from the floor joists under my speakers, running 8' cables up around the sidewalls for invisible, cooler environment setup). Because of input impedence and sensitivity issues(the 2s are two-stage) I decided to chase a P preamp to drive them; this combo is superb. Pass Labs will probably still mail you literature on the Aleph series. I suspect that many dealers still have leftover literature, as well. The 2s were produced up to the very end (April 2000?). Good luck.
The Aleph 1.2 was a 200 watt monoblock amplifier. I run an Aleph 4 in an apartment living room which is 22'x12'x8'. Aleph 4 is the stereo version of Aleph 2. The speakers are 90db/1w/1m 8 ohm. I have a friend running an Aleph 4 with Vandersteen 3 86-87db/1w/1m 6 ohms. His room is maybe 30'x15'. The ceiling where directly underneath the speakers I imagine is nine feet but several feet to the left goes up to 30 feet. This room is open to other rooms on either side. His system can play extremely loud without strain of any sort. If you need more detailed information on any of the Pass Aleph models, the service manuals as well as the owners manuals for most of the models are on the Pass website: www.passlabs.com
Just for clarification: The 0 monos are rated 75 watt/channel 8 ohms (although Stereophile measured them at 90). The main difference between the 0 and the others is that the 0 has 3 gain stages and the others 2. The extra gain stage gives more power into lower impedances (stereophile measured the 0 at 279W/2 ohms). These are all very powerful amps with lots of current, altough the 1.2 will give you the best of both worlds (at a price). A lot depends on your speakers, which you didn't mention.