A/C Master Coupler Question

I just received two of these Synergistic Research power cords (one for my integrated amp and one for my cd player). I don't feel that they're securely "coupled" on the component end. Has anyone else had this experience? It seems they need to be propped up a bit. I've already given the components plenty of room to allow for the cords' stiffness. Any suggestions? Thanks.
I used to wedge a Vibrapod or two underneath the IEC end.
I prop my power cords with DH squares od BDR cones depending on the hieght. You can also wrap a piece of electrical tape around the IEC end for a more snug fit.
This is a common problem of most after market power cords.
Good luck........Vader
Synergistic has some powercord holders that attach to the iec on the component to hold the powercord. I have them in stock.
The weight of most aftermarket cords is pretty substantial. I use duct tape to tape the cord to the wall behind the component to secure it. Works very effectively.