A brutal review of the Wilson Maxx

I enjoy reading this fellow (Richard Hardesty)


(1) Assuming there is a good chance that someone at Wilson will read this thread, I would like to seize this opportunity to suggest that you reconsider the aesthetics of your products: in my opinion, the looks of your speakers are needlessly holding you back (X and Y need not = hideous and hilarious).

(2) Some here seem to be bothered by the style of Michael Fremer's response, believing that his words amount to name-calling and are unusually aggressive. Like frequent A-Gon contributor Jtinn (a friend whom I respect greatly) who sometimes gets criticized for his posting style, Mr. Fremer is a New Yorker (and if I'm not mistaken, originally from Brooklyn). In my experience, if someone spits in a New Yorker's eye, the response is swift and not pretty. Which is probably about right.
I can't believe this thread is still going? Normally the powers that be would have pulled it by now. I guess the Wilson company hasn't emailed to complain yet. ;-)
Let's see, Harley and Fremer had the product in house and lived with it (and with reference associated equipment), Hardesty was able to read Atkinson's measurements and hear it in small hotel rooms with 95 volts.

Wow, how is one to decide which to trust?
I havent seen a bad review in a long time. But i see B&W pretty much on top of every page. Oh wait, Wilson sells speakers that cost more then someones house and odd enough just like B&W has TONS of advertising in their magazines. Kinda strange, really!

I dont trust reviewers for big magazines personally, i do trust the small guys who write freely in their own time for internet publications, and of course my ears. I would rather pay three times more for the magazines if they had no advertising in there. And i bet that the scores and reviews would be different!

That Mr. Hardesty has named his journal eponymously with Mr. Wilson's subwoofer is more than telling: Axes are clearly grinding. The few who are able to procure MAXX IIs are unlikely to be dissuaded by his "opinion". But the rest of us will surely thank him for reminding us of how blessed we are to be precluded from the option.