A bookshelf on a booksheld--compromises?

My speakers are Rogers LS7. I am thinking of upgrading (room is 17x25x9.5open to another larger room via hallway, floor to floor windows 2 sides wall to ceiling cabients other 2 sides.) to speakers for both music and HT.

I have looked at B&W 804 s and like them, but just not sure a floor standing speaker will work. I have always thought that putting a monitor/bookshelf speaker on a cabinet shelf (it is 24" deep) would compromise the sound, so why spend the money.I also can't place them on stands because of cabinet doors, so monitors/bookshelves would have to go on the cabient shelves (otherwise I am looking at florstanders).

Is it worth investing in more expensive bookshelf speakers (e.g., Merlin TSM) if they are going on a cabient shelf (they can protrude from the shelf)? Or is this just too big a compromise?
Well you definitly won't get the most from the vast majority of speakers positioned on a 2 foot deep shelf. There are some speakers that are designed for near wall positioning. Also some speakers not designed for near wall positioning will work much better then others. This may be an avenue to explore.

I have no idea how the Merlins would work near wall. No question you won't get the maximum from them in such a setup. Still IMO purchasing the Merlins or some other speaker that works well near wall would be worth the effort. We almost all have some compromises in our listening situation we just have to make the best of.

BW Maxx
The option in the bookshelf speaker would be a front port or sealed design.
A front ported sealed speaker seems as if it should not be too hard to find? At this point anything that will narrow the choices is welcome. After searching threads here and elsewhere, it seems this is not an uncommon problem: the need to put speakers in a cabinet or on a shelf.

I guess the compromise issue is one we all do deal with, I just want to understand how much of a compromise to make. No point in buying thousands of dollars worth of speakers to get hundred of dollards worth of sound. Guess I just need to ask speaker makers questions.

I will check the options for front ported, sealed, and designed for near wall positioning! Any pointers for who makes such a speaker or someone who could make one?
Some searching and I found north creek Okara II that is supposed to be designed for bookshelf applications. I can do the kit, so I may go that route if it is an upgrade in sound from my Rogers.