A big thanks to Nelson Pass 1st watt Pass labs etc

Thanks Nelson for the wonderful amp- preamp designs. And yes even the loudspeakers. NP 1st watt amps are wonderful and NP even helps DIY types. Folks in the hobbie dont get much better than Nelson. My 1st great sounding SS amplifier was designed by Nelson if I didnt get a chance to hear that in my system I might not have cared as much about improving system quality.
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Certainly one of the 3-4 best SS designers for many years now. The new XA30.5 may just be his best sounding amp ever, I do wonder how it compares with the Aleph J as my speakers are very "tube" friendly in terms of impedance and sensitivity. Have you, or anyone else, has a chance to compare the two?
6moons is about to report on the First Watt F5. Nothing stands still with this guy.
Tab110s, have you tried any SS amp with your Merlins that you were satisfied with?
1)I'm never satisfied.

2)I had a Plinius SA100 MkII/MkIII on Millenium's only switching the a BAT VK75.

I see you still have the CAT & Ars listed in your system description.
oops, CAT is going tomorrow. I'm going to try the Atma OTLs.