A Big Thank You to all 'Goners'

Carried out another transaction today. Really must post my appreciation to all the people I have had dealings with.
The level of courtesy and friendliness of 'Goners' is, in general, astounding. The Customer Service industry could learn a few things from this site.
Tried to buy/sell a few things on ebay and gave up in disgust.
Will stick to Audiogon and all the really nice people whom I have made contact with through it's service.
Thanks again to one & all!
Regards Simon
Simon, if you're the LP guy, thank YOU for some great LPs and fast delivery.
That's the difference between doing something because you have to V. S. doing something because you want to...
Simon, always having fun in audio! Are you still tweaking that Hydra?

Tweaking that Hydra? Sounds like masturbation to me.