A better record cleaning brush than the vpi brush

Any suggestions on a record cleaning brush that works better than the record cleaning brush that came with my new VPI 16.5 record cleaning machine? Thanks
The Mobile Fidelity brush I prefer to the vpi, holds fluid a bit (therfore uses less)and the pads are replaceable.
Hello, yes it is crap, get some Last brushes and rotate the platter by hand. Use a short back and forth motion with the brush in the other hand.
I use one of the VPI brushes when I do an initial cleaning with an enzyme solution. Works pretty good for that. If you're trying to get deeper in the grooves perhaps you might want to try an Audioquest carbon fiber brush. I like this brush for final wash and use the cheap, plastic VPI brushes for final rinses.
Ditto the Disc Doctor brushes, using a manual back and forth scrubbing acton.
I too like the VPI brushes.
(I have a pair, one for the deep cleaning fluid, and one for the regular every day fluid.)
I do prefer the RRL fluids though (although that has now been branded as Mobile Fidelity fluid as Music Direct bought them out).
(And, not that it matters, but I use a Nitty Gritty 1.0 RCM - Yeah, I know, sacrilegious!)
I bought the Walker Prelude package, which includes separate brushes (really more like pads) for each of the three solutions (well, the last one is purified water, which is used twice at the end of the cleaning cycle). Perhaps it is because I am cleaning each side a total of four times in this process, but the records sound really good. And the VPI machine works like a charm. Highly recommended.
I find the VPI brushes too coarse, doesn't get into the groove enough.

The one from Loricraft is really fine and rigid enough to stay straight after many spins.