A better matched amp for my Totem Speakers?

I currently have a Forte 1A (50 WPC ClassA) power amp and a McIntosh C26 PreAmp driving Totem model 1 speakers. The sound is good, but I think I can get more out of these speakers. My first thought is to upgrade the power amp. I'm thinking along the lines of a Mac, Aragon, Classe. The good people at Totem recommend Plinius, which is probably out of my price range.

I listen to Jazz, "New Age" and classical, primarily. Though I've been listening to music for years, I'm a bit of a neophyte when it comes to higher end electronics. As with many folks, my local options are limited, so it's hard to "just take it home and listen to it." Thanks for any suggestions.
I would recommend going with a new or used Bryston (i.e. 4B-ST or Lexicon NT225) amp. There are pleanty available on AudiogoN to choose from. This is a great sounding amp. Very powerful. It will power almost any speaker system with ease. And, importantly, it offers a 20-year transferrable waranty. We don't carry this brand, but this is the best for your price/criteria that I can recommend. However, as a second choice, consider Adcom for amplifier performance value. Also, cable upgrades can make a siginificant improvement in sound in a high-quality system.
i agree with W enterprises because i use a bryston4b with
my totem tabu and maybe you sould try a conrad jonhson
preampli to go with it,conrad johnson and totem makes
magic together