A Better Bluesound AC Cable?

Has anybody replaced the stock C7 IEC (Figure 8) cable on their Bluesound Node 2?
Audioquest makes an affordable 2-prong cable...

And a C7 to 3-prong...

Or does it make more sense to use a C7 to standard adapter ?

@williewonka 100%, also making instruments and voices sound more 3-dimensional versus sounding flat. People like to harp on the cost of cables, but that can have better ROI than purely spending on more expensive equipment.
@calvinandhobbes - I with you on that score - I now consider cables more important than my components.

I’ve been auditioning and building cables for over 6 years and had the opportunity to try cables on a variety of systems AND that time also allowed me to train my ears

Todays components are much better than the associated cables allow them to be, but only if the listener knows what to listen for and from your comments it appears you have a great handle on that.

Treat ANY system to good cables and it will improve the sound.
- my $350 mini system responded extremely well
- my Bluesound Pulse Mini speaker shocked the sales guy when I put a good power cables on it
- right on up to my Audio system, which sounds better than any high end/priced system I have auditioned in any audio store.

Unfortunately, many cables offer a similar level of performance and as such, for someone that has not experienced really good cables, they may not hear a significant improvement from the cables they currently own. So for them, there is no incentive to change and moving to a better sounding cables is not always within their budget.

Then there is he dilemma of which cables does a person upgrade first?

This is a dilemma not only applicable to cables, but components as well

If you start with interconnects, your speaker cables may not allow improvements to be heard and vice versa

If asked a respond with
  1. speaker cables
  2. interconnect cables
  3. power cables
I leave power cables to last because their effectiveness can vary greatly by component (generally)
  • source components "generally" show a larger degree of improvement because their power supplies may not be designed as well as the power supplies in an amp
  • The improvements in replacing the PC on an amp is "generally" a lot more subtle, but some people have reported great improvements from upgrade the amp PC.
  • So it’s best to leave it as - it varies from one component to another
But I believe once you have great speaker and interconnect cables, the improvements power cables bring to the game is more noticeable.

As for myself - you may have seen/read this thread...

These are the cables I use and they saved me a ton of $cash and provided exceptional performance.

In closing - I like to think people on this forum are getting more educated as to the benefits of installing good cables.

But it can be an uphill battle :-)

Regards - Steve

better to spend money on an external DAC, if you are using it as a transport only, its academic.