a BAD BAD Day for Digital

I brought both my transports to a local electronics TV VCR handyman to cut the captive cord on my Procced PDT3 transport and install a removable IEC type and to check if he could fix a non working display on an Audiomeca Mephisto.

Well the Mephisto now wont remain powered on and now my Proceed wont lock onto the Genesis DIgital Lens or my Audilogic DAC. I rememeber a thread a week or so ago where another member stated that there is digital info fed in from the ac ground.?? Could it be possible this person miswired the IEC?? Any thoughts or hints would help, as I need to bring my stuff back to him and give the best direction on what to look at to remedy this problem.

thanks all
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Justlisten do you have an ohmmeter or access to one? Or even a rudimentary automotive test light? You simply need to check for continuity between component's chassis ground & the IEC's third pin to determine if that connection is made.
Data is not carried on the ground leg, but sometimes logic ground depends upon that connection. I can help you out with a couple of other suggestions to check; just email me offthread w/ phone# contact if you want to talk about that, because it's not nearly so easily written as it is spoken.
Just listen, are you certain you think it's a good idea to take it back to that place? Sounds like a chop shop to me; even if not, his battin' avg. is low low low. The proceed is one thing, might not have been so easy to test before lettin it out the door. That genesis is another entirely, and should not have left the shop like that, I don't think. I'd be awfully tempted to forego my claim to warranty on the repair and look for a new shop-that is unless you think he can make good this time Remember, you gotta live with the results long term, where he's just turnin the one time trick.
Danger Will Robinson!

If the original power cord used only two conductors then you MUST NOT connect the ground when installing an IEC connector.

I am not an electrician but I have read several posts on AA that discuss this situation.

If your tech attached a ground where there was none previously I would not use that person again.
the original power cord was a 3 prong and I have yet to ask what he did, I will be out to pay him a visit later this morning. I never thought this "upgrade" would leave me musicless.