a b&k 442 amp in disguise??

so I just picked up a b&k  amp.     its in the mail.     so the front has bk 442.   and the back sticker has bk 202.  so now I'm wondering if I'm getting a 202 or a 442??.    is there anyone who would know what to look for on the inside of the amp to tell which one it would be.    I know the 442's came with hitachi metal cans in the early production runs  88--90    and Toshiba cans in later runs   90--93.   wondering what the 202's came with... any info would help. thanks
Pop the hood and look inside. Google(images) both amps and compare to yours.

I do know one thing, the 442 came with 4 large power caps while the 202 has 2.

Oh, and if you are going to use it to drive your Khorns, either amp will never break a sweat.

hi bill,  how you doing.   it was a good deal so i picked it up. $180 with shipping.    i have the 202+ on the khorns with good results.   this one will go back where the 202+ was in the spare bedroom.  imagine that,  a stereo in the spare bedroom!! 
That is a good deal.

I thought everyone had a stereo in a spare bedroom.  I have my NAD rig with a pair of Heresy I's(CT125) in my guest bedroom.

well I guess from a picture I see of the top of the amp I see the two can layout of a 202.  so i guess i have a 202.  i cannot imagine they diden't have a 202 faceplate and just stuck on a 442 one. i guy said thats how he received it new from b&k

If you are not already a member, come on over to the Klipsch Forum.  I am sure you have plenty to contribute.


thank you bill.   I will look into it.  thank you for the offer.  I think it would be nice.   bill ,,by the way  I know you are going to love this. haven't told this to anybody yet. the khorns i picked up  were for free!!.  thats why I dident mind putting the money into them.  and the condition of them was like new.  no dent's or scratches anywhere.   just happened to be at the right place at the right time..  just got lucky I guess. 
About the "price you paid", WOW.

I have gotten some good deals($70.00 Heresys), but nothing would compare to free Khorns.

well,  there was a tag sale a few roads down from me.  older couple getting rid of everything.  some for sale, some for free. was told the free  stuff was inside  the garage.  all dusty and in the corner were the khorns.  so i asked if the big speakers in the corner were free also. they said haven't used them in years, if you can move them, you can have them.   went home picked up the hand truck and in my van they went.   it was that fast.