A B Cable comparison

Anyone compare speaker cables lately? I have a Nordost Blue Heaven Rev II Bi-wire on one side and a Kimber Kable 4TC single wire on the other. Anyone else try this with other wires? Thanks
Wire different channels of stereo speakers with different speaker cables? No, I've never tried that. I would think it would be confusing at best. Would you care to elaborate on your results?
I have 1 kimber on one speaker and a nordost on the other right now. Hardly a difference.
Interesting. I've never heard of anyone "testing" speaker cable this way before. Have you tried this with interconnects? Different ones for R & L channel?
It's probably negligible but different cables have different capacitance and other characteristics. I would think that by doing this you're presenting two different "loads" to the system which might cause it to function non-optimally and possibly cause damage(?). I'm no engineer so i may be way off base but whether or not you believe in the mystery of cabling, the law of physics still applies.
It's an obvious form of comparison, like putting two different bookshelf speakers on L/R channels. But you will want to compare pairs for your final evaluation. I would never use this method as my final determinant of sound quality and would not run them both simultaneously to compare. However, the ability to move L/R would be helpful to hear things such as the tonal quality of the wire in the system.

The results using pairs should be as clear as when using individual cables. If you don't have a L/R balance control so that you can switch between them then I would not advise mismatching cables, as the result you would get would be less than ideal and at worst misleading toward each cable's sound.
I did this with Linn Majik 140 speakers and Lipinski L707,s. I sold the Linns because there was enough difference in sound. I decided to keep the Nordost, and sold the Kimber, but again, not much difference between the Kimber single wire and the Nordost Bi-wire. I got the Nordost Blue Heaven for 250.00 so I guess it was an ok deal, since I made a few bucks on the Kimber. One thing I do know. Don't spend much more than that on wires. They won't make that big a difference. I'd replace a component first. Thanks to all.
24 hours in the life of an audiophile.
Wire can and does in many cases make a big difference. Waste your time:-)
This is really a new one on me. Onhwy61, you said it! The life of an audiophile indeed! 24 hrs or any amount...