A 50 universal remote that really works

I found a RCA universal remote that realy does everything I could want. Saw an ad for a RCA remote and found it for $50 at Best Buy. (list $70) The remote has a good layout of buttons (not like the Sony 6,000 tiny squares all lined up) and THREE different toggle areas on it. The thing has a pretty big list of pre sets and does EIGHT different sets of stuff, has macros, and can learn all the extra stuff I want... and can substitute almost ANY command for another on almost any key. Very nice for $50. It lights up and has a small screen for command info. Just what I was looking for to end my remote nightmare.
Is there a model number that we can look for in stores?
It's one of a series of RCA brand aftermarket remotes and is ___810 'fer sure... think it's RCA810
(a total aside: One odd key from my cable box's remote stops the PLAY of my Rotel CD player.. but it also turns off the display, something the stock Rotel remote doesn't... [I like it 'cuz i leave the Rotel CD transport on all the time, but why leave the display on?...] so on the RCA remote I programmed the stop key with the cable key!!)
There are two other remotes that people talk about that are also reasonably priced.

Radio Shack 15-1994 and
Sony RM-Vl900.

You might look at remotecentral.com