A $4,000 difference Kef 205/2 vs 203/2 ????

.....been reading and adding some posts here as I am looking for a new pair of speakers. Bear with me. So my question is - in a room that is ASC treated that is about 11' across by 21' deep and 7' ceilings - and the speakers are on the short wall......which KEF would be better suited for this room ??? There is about a $4,000 in price.
My 203.1's are fantastic in a 16x16 room and I feel woudld be even better in a larger room. At what point they would be "small" I don't know. I use them for 2 channel music and 5 channel theater.

I've demoed a lot of speakers and have not yet found others worth the upgrade from my 203's. But I've never heard 205's.