A 308 cr will sound better than A3.2

i plan to buy a a308 cr amp from musical fidelity , and now i A3.2 amp and i need to upgrade a308 cr so any one will tell me what the different between them , thank you

Hey krell-man how about between the A3cr and the A308cr
how much differance are we talking about?

I was just wondering because I have a A3cr

Let me say this. I was considering trading the A308cr Pre-amp and Amp in on a Conrad-Johnson Premier 17 LS2 and Premier 350 ($8,000.00). A salesman at Sound By Singer told me to keep the amp and step on up from the A308cr Pre-amp to a good $4,000.00-$5,000.00 tube Pre-amp.

He told me that I had no idea of how good that A308cr Amp really was, and not many other people as well (unless you've read all of the different reviews). He told me that as good as the A308cr Pre-amp is, at the next level I'd be hearing things that I'd never heard before. I did that and bought the Herron VTSP-1A/166. He was absolutely right.

Now, how many times have you heard of a salesman telling someone that and passing up the commission on an $8,000.00 piece of equipment?
Krell man:
I took your advice and sold my MF A3.2 integrated and bought an MF A308cr amp and a tube preamp. I'm very happy I did! Sounds great and looks great. Check out my rig under the virtual systems "budget minded" under Yarvis' rig. Thanks again for emailing with me way back when!

Differences between the two amps is definitely power output. 115x2 for A3.2 which is the integrated or the amp? If it is the integrated then you are looking at 115x2 instead. If it is the A3.2 amp then 125 or 130x2
The A308cr is a power house. 250x2 with several more features than either the integrated or the A3.2 amp. The cr is also a quieter amp with the "CR" designation meaning choke regulation to make the amp quieter.
thank you for all your input , and one more thing my speaker are jm lab 927 be , and what amp good for speaker, thank you