A $2,500 system - what do you think?

So I've been all over the place, and gotten lots of advice on this and other boards. and here is where I am leaning right now:

(1) Audio Note AZ - 2 speaker -- $1,100
(2) Jolida JD 102B - $550 regular or $750 for the factory upgrade
(3) Music Hall 25.2 cd player -- $550.

I want something pretty warm -- My cds are mostly jazz (w & w/o female vocals) and acoustic instrumentals -- that soundstage really well (would the joilida modification help on that?).

I started listening to solid-states, but fell in love with the Jolida at my local dealer. Really sweet sound, and seemed to power the Audio Notes as long as they were set up against the wall. Otherwise the bass was very, very weak.

This is going in the first floor living room of our new house! 12 ft by 17 feet - hard wood floors.

What do all the experts think? Will the MH (bright) be balanced by the tube amp? Anyone else have experience with Audio Note speakers?


An addendum - I am thinking about anti-cables and blue jeans interconnects -- based on reviews here and elsewhere, but I honestly don't know anything about cables.
Why not used gear?? Better value , better performence.
I would get RWA integrated - 1K used
Omega Super Hemp - $1300 used
Consonance CD-120 Linear - $400 used
It will take some time to find them at these prices but it is possible and performance of this setup would be far superior to what you have put together. IMO.
Good luck
Underwood HiFi (Wally) has a Jolida 302 integrated for $950 obo and a Music Hall 25.2 for $440 obo, both lightly used trade ins. If you like the Jolida sound, the extra power of the 302 will allow more speaker options both now and in the future.

Why not pitch a discounted offer to buy both in order to free up more loudspeaker $$.

SalkSound "Songtowers" may then become affordable. A Dennis Murphy design with optimized qwt bass output in a very small footprint and Jim Salk quality cabinets - what's not to like?

Thank JB0194! I would love to get the 302, but it is going to be too big. This is going to be our main system, and my wife (who is fully supporting this puchase!!!) requires that all the equipment sit in an stereo cabinet -- thus requiring the smaller Jolida ( I've been assured that if I give it enough headroom and an open back, I'll be fine. I think the 302 may be too big, but worth checking out!

- Marty
Also -- who is a good online dealer for salk towers?
Hit send by mistake -- can you tell me more about the Songtowers? I listen to mostly jazz and acoustic music. What will it give me that the the Audio Notes won't?

Thanks - Marty
Following on the Underwood suggestion, I expect Walter, a very smart and nice man, could get you speakers into the mix too, and offer you an appealing package deal. For example, he often has Quads at your pricepoint. You'd enjoy giving him a call, I expect. John
Thanks JDoris. What do you think of the Quad 22l2s? Walter has those. Do you think they would make a nice pair with the Jolida and the Music Hall?

- Marty

Another question about the Quad 22l2's --- Does anyone know how far off the wall they need to be? They sounded fine in the dealer, but they were a good 5 feet of the wall. Mine will be at most 1.5 to 2 feet off the wall, with the right speaker not too far from the room corner?

Should this cause the base to boom too heavy? The Quad website recommends 350 mm (1.15 ft), but some forums online recommend a lot more. Any thoughts?
Martyw: No direct experience with the 22Ls, though it would not surprise me if they liked to breathe, as that's true of a lot of speakers. (Have also heard some people like the less expensive 21s better, I think.) I also have a small room, and need to go close to the rear wall. As I've said on a couple of other threads, I decided on the North Creek Eskas for this reason, since they are designed for a foot and in. I enjoy mine (9 inches out), and though you're looking to spend less, NC has other models (the Okras) for the same application for considerably cheaper. NC sells mostly kits, but if you have the boxes built it is a straightforward DIY project, and will likely save you considerable money over new speakers of similar quality. Well worth giving George Short of NC a call (http://www.northcreekmusic.com/) John