99$ Digital cable is damn good


I ordered above SILNOTE AUDIO Digital 75 ohm Morpheus Reference Series II 1 meter cable and received this morning.

After listening to few tracks I got blown away by the detailed and nuanced sound, excellent dynamics and deep sound stage.

I had used Analysis Plus AES digital cables and Audio Note and Crystal Audio RCA interconnect cables as digital cable with good result so far.

But this one is much better.

It’s regular price was around 300$.

I can not claim that this is the best digital cable since cable is dependent on system and personal taste.

But it is good enough to justify its regular price of 300$.


Higher model is also available at 200$ and I going to listen more to 100$ one over the weekend before deciding whether to go for the 200$ one.

BNC is not superior if the RCA cable is true 75ohm. However, that’s in the professional environment where the runs are meters upon meters upon meters. In a home environment, a 6ft digital coax cable is not going to sound worse as an impedance mismatch is insignificant.
I had got Blackecat cables with BNC termination but with two adapters to RCA.

So I have freedom to try to compare between BNC and RCA.

Jay's cdt2 mk2 has both BNC and RCA outputs.

But I do not have BNC input to Lyngdorf 2170.

I had been using Blackcat Silverstar Mk2 for 8 weeks.

It showed lot of details but etched out of box.

After 8 weeks, it got much better.

But after comparing with 200$ Silnote Morpheus II digital cables, they are close but I prefer latter with more organic sound.

The better performance came from Zenwave D4 digital cable (500$) which give much more refined and nuanced details.

Upper model of Blackcat digital cable may perform better but I do not want to try out them with long burn in time and high price.

Blackcat Silverstar Mk2 is not very bad but just ordinary Joe for the price.

I would rather recommend either 200$ Silnote Morpheus II digital cable or Zenwave D4 digital cable depending on your budget.

Choice of cable is dependent on system and personal taste.

So my judgement can not be final.

But I found nothing special with Blackcat Silverstar Mk2 digital cable.

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I find your review refreshing lacking the usual hyperbole. I have found over time The Silnote’s to be very fine interconnect and digital cables at a fair price. Best, mikirob