99 10W Tube Mono Blocks?

Just read a CES article in Stereophile (April issue) that very briefly touched on some $99 tube mono blocks made by Antique Sound Labs, the Wave AV-8. Can anyone tell me anything about these things?

To own tubed mono blocks for $99 each... I just can't believe they could be any good. But at the same time, for $200, how could I not find out for myself?

What kind of speakers, of course in the same price range, say $200 max for the pair would produce reasonable sound and be happy wih a 10W tube amp?

Oh, and of course we also need a, say, under $200 CD player with built-in volume control that would make this system really sing. Any suggestions here? :)

But seriously, I am just itching to order these things... Anyone that has any info, good or bad, please let me know.
I am in Montreal, Canada and was at the FSI sound show and heard them in person. They were connected to 3A MM Da Capo speakers (efficient and easy to drive) and they sounded very decent: good bass control and pitch, open midrange and smooth highs. What do you want more for so little money. But to take advantage of this pair I would think that you should not «cheap out» on source components and speakers.
All my experience with Antique sound labs is that they are a good deal for the money. I've got their single ended 22 watt/channel amp that sounds wonderful with Klipsch Belles. I also own a 30 watt/channel integrated and have had their single ended monos using EL 34s. You cant beat them for their performance but obviously they are not CJ or ARC quality. As the name leads one to believe their circuit designs are generally not their own. These are old designs in a new package. Some of the chassis's are not up to par with the transformers and in shipping the middle of the chassis bends in due to the weight of some of the transformers. If you can get a pair in good physical shape you cant go wrong for $200. Some people spend that on Shoes! Try horn speakers with the amps. You will definitely have to have an efficient speaker.
Anyone have any idea of the type of tubes these amps use and/or will accept. I would be very interested in these for budget minded friends.
How do they do it for so little?
I listened to these amps at CES and if you send me a self addressed envelope I will send you a picture I took of them. They sounded great for the money but the speakers were about 10 times their price. If I remember correctly the source was some CD unit with a volume control on it that I hadn't seen before. Hope this helps.
Tommy, do you know what type of output tubes are used in these amps? EL84, EL34, 6550, KT88? I am thinking that these monoblocks, along with the type of CD player you described, coupled with a nice pair, of inexpensive, efficient speakers would make a wonderful little system. For speakers, I am thinking monitors from either Coincident, Soliloquy, or Triangle. Especially, Triangle. The more I think about it, the more I think I might just jump on the bandwagon...
Trelja, that is precisely what I am thinking. Do you have any suggestions on the inexpensive CD player, which should probably have volume control built in?