96K DVD Output

Hey. My DVD player asks me if my preamp can handle 96K input in the setup screen. I said it could but I really don't know. Everything sounds fine. If the preamp couldn't handle it would I hear anything at all? Nothing in the preamps manual about it. Rotel RTC-965 pre, Pioneer DV-440 dvd.

Thanks! leo.
does your pre have a built in dac (like some surround receivers). the dvd might need you to set it to 96k on the digital out. that would be my guess anyway. are you using a digital out to the pre or just analogue out? it sounds as if you are using the dvd's dac through analogue out.

hope this has helped more than confused.
Jvr, I'm using the digital coax connection. This home theater thing is new to me. I guess all DTS/DD processing needs to be done through a 96k digital input (since I'm not using analog outs on the DVD and the Rotel ). Is that right? Then why would I even have the option of passing 48k through the digital outs of the DVD? Strictly for CD playback? Thanks! leo.
Your preamp won't care until you actually play some 24/96 encoded media. So if you’re not playing 24/96 media it won't really matter what you set that too.

All of course in theory..