96/24 Audio,DTS Signals

I actually have 2 questions.1:I have a Yamaha DVD-S795 dvd player with 96/24 DACs & I want to check out some of the new 96/24 cd's on the market.Can someone tell me if my outdated Marantz SR-580 Dolby Digital reciever will play these with the full 96/24 resolution or do I need to upgrade to a newer reciever?2:If my dvd player passes a 5.1 DTS signal will it also pass the new DTS 6.1 discrete & matrix signals as well?Thanks for the help,G.B.
If your receiver processes all signals digitally, the answer is probably no. I bought a $2000 Rotel 985 about one year ago and it processes all inputs (except the 5.1) digitally as 48/24. For example, the signal from my turntable gets processed digitally as 48/24. It does this to operate bass management, balance, input volume levels, etc. I use the 5.1 input for my SACD player, but I lose bass management and other things (can't use the sub, DPL, balance). I can use the volume control.

If your receiver keeps the signal in analog (except when using DD or DTS), then it's likely processing near full resolution.
I'm not positive, but I don't your Yamaha passes a true 24/96 signal either. Pioneer DVD players are some of the few that do. Although maybe your Yamaha is newer?? I'm not familiar with that player.