9000es burn in questions?

Got a new 9000es in the mail today[no free movie and sample sacd disc ]anyway was wondering what the quickest way to burn this player in? Play cd in digital or analog mode? Does digital and analog both have to burn in 200 or more hours? Out of the box my b+k receivers dacs blow this player out of the water.Will playing pink noise in cd repeat mode hurry burn in? Thanks for any help in advance
Hi Ears, you really need to be patient with 9000ES. I spent about two full weeks on this beauty. According to the owner's manual, if you do not turn off the digital output, the digital output will be always on. Good luck with your 9000ES.
Ears: Which B&K are you using and what I/Cs, thanks.
Timely thread Ears as I'm burning my 9000ES in as I type this. Loved it right out of the box, hated it at the 25 hour mark, liked it again at 100 hours. Yada, yada,yada. The easy way is to go to Radio Shack and get a strip of 2-4 female RCA phono connectors and a package of 1/2 watt 10K ohm resistors. Solder a resistor across the hot and ground sides on the back of each connector. You now have a burn in board. Just plug in a couple of interconnects from the back of the 9000ES, put it on repeat and lock it in a closet for a couple of weeks. This will also burn in you cables as well. Cheap, easy and effective.
have a 9000es too. sounds very good using analog outs, sold my denon5000 and levinson39, this player is better.if you use digital out you dont use the da in the sony but what is in your processor, not very likely to be better than in the sony, however interconnects make a big difference in what and how you hear it. I use transparent ref xl, ironic that it costs way more than the player , but already had them on my levinson. i didnt expect it to sound better than 39,probably better than my denon5000, it beat both. picture is way better too. breakin takes a while but itwill get there.
Hey miked, b+k 202 which has the reference preamp and dacs and the non ref b+k amps. When i say the receiver dacs sound better, i am talking about cd playback not sacd.Interconnects are brand new dh labs as well as the digital.they replaced straightwire interconnects and audioquest topaz digital that i had on my dvsp 7000. I put a solid silver stranded powercord on the 9000 at the same time as well as dh labs speaker wire.All this has closed the gap a little.will see what a little burn time does.Was going to order an acoustic zen digital cable,but if the 9000 is going to sound that much better with burn in,maybe i will get better ic's instead.
I also got my 9000 es today, It appears there are a lot of us giving this one a try. After the player was on for only 15 Min., I played an old Oscar Peterson CD that I am familiar with, then tried the SACD sampler that was packed with the player. This 9000 is doing a better job on regular CD's than many of the players I have owned in recent years. Of course the SACD sampler sounded better than my regular CD's but it is too early to know what I will think about the performance in the long term. I will say one thing right now for certain, the image quality from DVD's is the best I have ever seen. I was also impressed with the digital out, powering my Dolby 5.1 converter. The bandwidth and dynamics were excellent and the steering seemed more accurate. A great start for the first evening.
Ears: Thanks for the response, I am currently using the Ref 20 and am in the market for a new CD player that I can connect via the analogue throughput of the B&K. Just about everyone raves about the redbook CD playback of this unit, I think after it is broken in, it will best the B&K. Cheers.
I have to comment on the picture and sound of dts and dd playback.The picture on my 35inch cinema series toshiba using the s video out is noticeably better than the 7000. this is of course using interlaced.the piture,while not razor sharp is spot on perfect in the color department. Anyone with a monitor tv,buy this unit anyway you will notice the picture difference if you have a properly adjusted tv,and you do not have to use progressive to see the difference.the dts sound which iv'e never had seems to have better bass control than dd,and they both have better steering of the sound and better dynamics than the 7000. So i have to agree about the digital out on this player being first rate.I can not comment on the sacd yet because i have no software,but this player so far is a steal without sacd.
Quick qestion for you guys. I am running this into a CJpv10a and after reading the manual I am worried about somehow sending DTS signal through. Do I only need to watch out for cd's with DTS? Whenever I play dvd's with dts it automatically goes to the "2 channel" setting. Should I check this setting every time I play a dvd? I really don't care to go with a surround pre-amp but I am also worried what would happen to ML speaker panels if digital signal where to get sent through. Any ideas? or am I just worried over nothing?
Ears: after burnning in, try some isolation cones and VPI Brick. They improved the preformance of my 9000ES.