90's amp/intergrateds that best some of todays

I was wondering if anybody could mention some amp/pre-amp or preferrably intergrated amps from the 1990's that could best alot of todays offerings from SimAudio, Classe', Bryston, Musical Fidelty, CJ's, Plinus etc

The reason I ask this question is because I was SHOCKED when I started to really learn about digital within the redbook domain and ended up with a 90's Meitner DAC transport combo that was moddifed to todays level. I was wondering if the same held true for amps and intergrateds. I've heard good things about the Levinson no. 23.5's but they don't use normal interconnects so I can scratch that off my dream list. None of my current gear has balanced interconnects. Anybody have some older classic's that hold up too todays stuff and perhaps even best some popular brands?
Not one response =(
Revox B750 and ASR Emitter 1 or 2, both integrated although the Emitter comes with 1,2 or 3 outboard psu's. Thee will beat if not most than all of whats out there today.