9 year old Parasound Jc 1s or new Bel Canto 1000m monos?

I'm starting to assemble a new system. Budget $15000 to $20000. I'm leaning toward Triton Ones but I'm open to all suggestions. 25'x12' room. I'm a newbie to this stuff and appreciate the knowledge of the people on here.  No tubes. I'm just not interested in the maintenance. Any opinion appreciated.
Start with which amps are preferable. Opinions?
If you do get Triton Ones (and you should, I just sold mine, they're killer) you don't need big amps. Good amp yes, but you're just pushing their small drivers. Check out van Alstine integrated.

Parasound Jc1's anytime over ClassD amps.

Cheers George

Agree with Georgelofi, plus those are already broken in. Turn on and enjoy.
Thanks guys. Any opinions on the Tritons? I just heard Dynaudio Confidence 1 on stands and those things really turned me around on stand mounted. Wow!

Scott, I may not need big amps but do they hurt? 

Too bad its hard to audition some of these class D amps. I really would like to hear them for myself to put it into perspective.
Bel Canto's are some of the best examples of class D done right.  But usually the best way to approach a new system is to select the speakers first, and then get amps to complement.  It's certainly possible to do it amp first, or any other component first, but speaker first works really well.

That's because all amps do not work well with all speakers.  I'd find speakers that I'm crazy about and then see what the dealer uses with them as a starting point.  Most dealers have electronics that match up well, but there are no guarantees.
bubba you don't say if you own the JC-1s or are considering purchase of an older pair VS new Bel Cantos.

If you don't have experience with the JC-1s I can offer this, having owned them for several years.  I've been in the audio hobby for decades and have owned and auditioned dozens of amps and speakers.  I found the Halos to better anything else I tried, SS or tube, but that was with Duntech speakers.  So I second the advice to pick speakers first, then find the best amp(s) for them within your budget.  I don't believe any one amp is "best" for all speakers.

Also the JC-1s offer selectable bias.  I ran them on low bias for background music and high bias for serious listening.  They do get quite warm on the high bias setting but not hot, especially considering their output capability.

I've not heard the Bel Canto 1000m so can't comment on those but the few class D amps I have heard have not convinced me by their sonics.

Good luck.

I'm leaning toward the Golden Ear Triton Ones. I am open to suggestions though. I listen to mostly rock and a little old school R&B. I am strongly leaning to the JC1s. There are too many people that say its no contest between the two.
   Scott W. doesn't believe i need that much power but i don't want to get the itch to upgrade again. I appreciate the answers and any more would be appreciated. BTW JC1s @ Audio Advisor   Factory refreshed $3299 each. Anyone ever bought factory refreshed?

Pryso. I am starting at ground zero. I own a NAD 372 integrated with an Arcam cd player. Dynaudio Audience 72 speakers. I'm probably gonna put that downstairs and start fresh.

Pryso. I am starting at ground zero. I own a NAD 372 integrated with an Arcam cd player. Dynaudio Audience 72 speakers. I'm probably gonna put that downstairs and start fresh.

I’ve purchased factory refreshed, it can be returned product because the customer didn’t like them or brand new in box overstock, or returned for defects. It depends on the retailer, what their policy is. I’d phone them directly and ask.

I’ve owned the C372, and it’s a laid back sounding unit for sure. I compared the newer C326BEE, and the sonics were superior with the 326, and I bought it as a "demo" unit, but it was brand new.

One weakness of the Golden Ears is that the tweeter unit has a narrower dispersion, according to comments I've read, but that's about the only "con" vs many "pros".
Thanks. I just purchased the JC1s factory refurbished from Audio Advisor. They come with the 5 year warranty as brand new. I know i'm doing it a little backward but i can audition these amps with numerous speakers locally.  Ive heard these amps with quite a few speakers already and feel they can be a good match with many.
Nice!  You really can't go wrong with the JC1's.
I own a pair of GE Triton Ones and the JC-1 is not too much power for them.  I am using a 160wpc power amp and it sound stupendous, I can only imagine how wonderful it will sound with 400wpc and mono blocks no less.
I will let you know when everything is up and running. I'm pretty excited. Don't tell my wife what this stuff costs. Lol. She has no clue. Does anyone think there is a better solution for 5k than Triton Ones? 
What the H does "factory refreshed' mean anyway?
I'm quite sure nobody sends a piece back to the Far East !
Opened box and sent back to Parasound for repair or refresh.  I wish all products were made in America but that's not the world we live in. 

Parasound owns and operates a service facility in California.
Refreshed right in the USA. All is well.
Hey bubba, just saw this. The Tritons can handle power big & small. Big better if you have to choose. I had my Sony amp on them, also a Cronus Magnum, and I think a PrimaLuna way back. Possibly a NAD D 3020 for kicks too. I don't recall they're sensitive to amp matching. I liked the Rogue on them best but Tritons will sing with any quality amp and proper placement (and a larger room).
Seems like I may be one of the few that actually likes Bel Canto in this thread… I've auditioned the JC1's at home and right afterwards had a pair of 1000M and quite frankly, I preferred the REF1000M's. There's simply NO sonic signature at all to them, just super transparent and let's everything else shine. I could easily lived happily with the JC1's though.

Quite honestly, I think it really comes down to personal preference as either choice is a great one...
I bought JC-1's and I never heard the Bel Cantos still. I'm still interested in hearing them. I like the JC-1's but I need new speakers to truly judge them.