9 year old 36" Sony XBR CRT doing the Jitterbug.

Is this the end? The 40" is around the same vintage and I know there are no parts if it goes down. Any repair stations that you know about?
I can't afford two new monitor's as the Wife is a state worker who's furloughed four times a month and I'm down to a couple of day's a week.
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Check craigslist from time to time as these come up quite often due to people buying flat panels.
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I would strongly look at making an investment in a new TV.
If as Bob states the new power supply is 300.00, you will just be investing 300.00 toward obligation for any future issues that may arise. You can find some deals at dealers on demos, last years models etc. Add another 300.oo to the repair 300.00 and you may find a new TV that is Digital, HDMI, etc. Not to mention it won't weigh 300#'s. Just my opinion.
You maybe right. It's so bad, that when watching a DVD, the screen will "blackout" and another channel will be visible momentarily.
IMO, those Sony XBR CRT are still the finest televisons made.
Much better than the garabge today. The only competition is the Pioneer Elite plasma sets...
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