88 db sensitivity/6 ohm load..tube power question

I recently made a long overdue upgrade to the new Quad 12L monitors...and all things considered...happy with my investment...however...they are a tad analytical in nature...im hoping tube power might add some "glow" and warmth...the downside:their low-level detail and soundstaging is not great...they do require some juice to come alive...my question:will something like the 8w WAVE monoblocks be enough power...common sense says no way...but if I had any real sense I wouldnt be in this hobby!...also...by the time you factor in the monoblocks plus the pre...the price is around $450...should I be looking at a used Jolida instead? I would hate to monkey with this to be find that I am underpowered...I have heard some reliability issues concerning Jolida...but this is all my budget will allow...
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In my opinion, the Wave 8 monoblocks will not be enough power for the normal audiophile tastes, with those speakers.
I would suggest a minimum of 30 watts for those speakers to hit the volume levels that most people would accept.
How about an Anthem AMP-1, there is (or was) one on Audiogon today for $480, and they can generally be had for around $500-$550. EL34 tubes are also plentiful and cheap.

I own the Wave 8s and use them with 89db 8ohm BA A60 bookshelves. They get the job done volume-wise for my bedroom system, but they don't make it to the loud side of loud. 88db and 6ohms is an appreciably tougher load than 89db and 8ohm. So as TWL states, not quite enough, I'm afraid. Great and fun amps, but not powerful enough for your speakers.

I keep hearing the "reliability issues with Jolida" phrase, but I don't recall ever seeing that discussion on Audiogon. If you're getting that vibe from audioreview.com, I'd take it with a grain of salt.
Look for a Jolida 1000. They are integrated and can handle the load just fine. I used one for my Apogee Stage speakers which were a tougher load than that.
Here are two helpful sites on matching amp power with speakers. Like Joppa says science/numbers aren't everything but some results are pretty predictable. I agree with above that your proposed match is a power mismatch.

Paul Joppa on power

Scroll down this page for a short article. Nice list of speakers too.
Welborne Labs on matching

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